Emergency Planning

Preparedness Plan

The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Plan is to ensure that Greene County responders and citizens are prepared to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property and the environment, preserve the functioning of government, insure constituted authority and maintain economic activities essential to the survival and recovery from natural and human-caused hazards.

Springfield - Greene County Preparedness Plan


The Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management manages the community's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). This plan is reviewed and updated annually. Volume A is open for public review. You may access any portion of the plan by clicking on the link below. Volume B is a restricted document distributed to key response personnel throughout the community. 

Springfield/Greene County Emergency Operations Plan, Public Version, 2014

 Mitigation Plan

Purpose of the Mitigation Plan

A mitigation plan is a document created to identify the hazards that may affect the area and quantify the jurisdictions' vulnerability to those hazards. Once the vulnerability has been calculated, jurisdictions identify methods they can use to reduce their vulnerability to area hazards.

Upon completion of this process, a mitigation plan is submitted to the State Emergency Management Agency followed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for approval. Once a plan has received approval from FEMA, all of the governing bodies of the participating jurisdictions must review, approve of and formally adopt the mitigation plan. 

An updated and approved mitigation plan is required to apply for and receive funding for mitigation projects. These projects are designed to mitigate the effect of a hazard and may include projects like safe rooms, flood buy-outs and burying power lines.

The Update Process

The process of updating the mitigation plan was different than drafting the original mitigation plan in 2004. First, this year's update incorporated new hazards including eight man-made hazards. This was the first update to require addressing this classification of hazards in conjunction with natural hazards. The eight new hazards are: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives, Civil Disorder, Technology and Hazardous Waste. 

Second, any jurisdiction within the county that wanted to have access to mitigation funding was required to fully participate in the planning process. The 2004 Mitigation Plan allowed any jurisdiction within Greene County to maintain eligibility as long as Greene County had an approved plan. 

As a result, this update required active participation from all fire protection districts, school districts, municipalities and higher education institutions. This included attending monthly mitigation meetings and drafting their jurisdiction's contribution to four sections of the mitigation plan. These sections included:

  1. Community Profile (a history of their area);
  2. Vulnerability Assessment (calculating their jurisdiction's assets);
  3. Capability Assessment (inventorying equipment, supplies and personnel); and
  4. Mitigation Projects and Goals (identifying areas of improvement to reduce the effects of the identified hazards).


There were twenty-six active jurisdictions that participated in the update of the 2009 Mitigation Plan. The table below lists the participating jurisdictions:

Greene County Fire Protection Districts
Ash Grove Bois D'Arc Ebenezer Fair Grove
Logan-Rogersville Pleasant View Strafford Willard
Greene County Public School Districts
Ash Grove Fair Grove Logan-Rogersville Republic
Springfield Strafford Walnut Grove Willard
Ash Grove Battlefield Fair Grove Republic
Springfield Strafford Willard Greene County
Higher Education Institutions
Ozarks Technical Community College Missouri State University


Representatives from these jurisdictions attended monthly meetings, researched and compiled information from their jurisdictions for their portions of the plan and are responsible for obtaining a formal adoption resolution from their governing body.


Springfield-Greene County All Hazard Mitigation Plan

View the Entire Mitigation Plan v 1.2 in one file or by section:

Cover Document and Table of Contents
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Community Profiles
Section 3: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment: Hazard Analysis
Section 4: Vulnerability Assessment
Section 5: Capability Assessment
Section 6: Projects and Goals