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Feb 3, 2014

How is that resolution working?

So how do we keep the resolution momentum going?
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Posted by: dmoore

Last month we introduced you to the concept of setting a resolution for you and your family. We said the first step is always the most important and doing "something" preparedness related is the best way to start. This month we hope to inspire you to continue what you have started and build on the success of last month. So, did you and your family talk about the plan? What you would do in the event of severe weather or other natural disasters? Typically starting off the discussion the way we suggested last month provides an excellent spring-board to begin putting the tangible pieces together, or what we can a "Go Kit" -- So where do do go next? This month let's extende our resolution to begin assembly of a kit. Actually there are two kinds of kits that are important -- one for home and the other for your vehicle.  We will tackle each one separately because each are very important in their own way. When we think about assembling a kit it is easys to get overwhelmed and it need not be complicated nor is it something you have to bite off all at once.  In fact, assembling your kite in pieces makes a lot of sense, why?  Because it will allow you to keep in the front of your mind each month the importance of doing something to help with your family's preparedness. So, this month, let's buy a plastic container, much like the plastic tubs you might have to store your Christmas decorations or other storage items. These tubs are about the perfect size to use for your family Go Kit -- The goal is to pack in that tub the things you would need to survive for 72hrs or three days!  So this month, next time you are at your local "big box" store, remember to purchase a tub and let's get ready to fill that up!  --- Where are we now?  We have a plan and we are about the begin the postive step of getting that kit started!  Stay tuned, this is going to be fun and we hope very informative.