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Volunteer:  A person who freely offers to take part in and undertake a task without pay (Webster Dictionary).  There is a slogan that circles around the volunteer world that captures the culture of volunteerism: “Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.”  The Springfield – Greene County Office of Emergency Management relies heavily on volunteers.  Daily, weekly and monthly, people dedicate their time and resources to help ensure the resilience of Springfield – Greene County.  Our volunteers plug in to programs such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), CERT Animal Response Team (CART), and our general volunteer program outreach.  Volunteering in your community is profound and one of the most rewarding endeavors you can take on.  Do not hesitate to find your place with the Office of Emergency Management (417-869-6040).



To be the most disaster resilient community in America


The Springfield-Greene County Emergency Management Program along with community stakeholders strives to be a national model of best practices in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery against high-impact events to reduce loss of life, damage to property and harm to the environment. The Springfield-Greene County Emergency Management Program will lead enhanced regionalization of emergency management across southwest Missouri.


EMAP Accredited

Springfield-Greene County's emergency management program received national accreditation from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) in April, 2012. EMAP is an independent & voluntary evaluation of state and local emergency management programs based on national best practices. At the time of our accreditation, Springfield-Greene County was one of only 13 local programs in the nation to be accredited by EMAP.




StormReady, a program started in 1999 in Tulsa, OK by the National Weather Service, helps arm America's communities with the communication and safety skills needed to save lives and property--before and during the event. StormReady helps community leaders and emergency managers strengthen local safety programs.

StormReady communities are better prepared to save lives from the onslaught of severe weather through advanced planning, education and awareness. No community is storm proof, but StormReady can help communities save lives.

Springfield-Greene County has been certified a StormReady Community since 2004.



Springfield-Greene County received Safe Communities America accreditation in 2007.  Awarded by the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Community Safety Promotion (WHOCCCSP) and the National Safety Council/Safe Communities America, Springfield- Greene County earned this designation due the region's commitment, innovative programs and community efforts to promote safety initiatives to prevent disabling accidents and needless deaths.